As shown in the figure, a cylindrical glass contains water. A metal sphere of diameter 2 cm is immersed in it. Find the volume of the water.


Given diameter of cylindrical glass , d = 14cm
Radius , R = 14/2 = 7cm
Height of glass in cylindrical glass, H = 30cm
Given diameter of metal sphere = 2cm
radius of metal sphere , r = 2/2 = 1cm
Volume of sphere = (4/3)r3
= (4/3)××13
= (4/3)
= (4/3)×(22/7)
= 4.19cm3
Volume of water with sphere in it = R2H
= ×72×30
= 1470
= 4620cm3
Volume of water in glass = Volume of water with sphere in it – Volume of sphere
= 4620-4.19 = 4615.81cm3
Hence the volume of water in glass is 4615.81cm3.

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