Give examples of Cyber Crimes.


Given here are some examples that can be considered as cyber crime:

1. If we disclose the Aadhaar / PAN / credit card / debit card number and other personal information to any person, they can in all probability misuse this data

2. Do not disclose the PIN to anyone as this can also be misused and bank transactions can be done with your knowledge

3. Online stores have deceived consumers by showing superior items on websites, but actually selling them items of either inferior quality or impaired ones.

4. Confidential information about government, institutes and companies are hacked from the internet with the help of computer programs or other ideas and misused.

5. Fake accounts on Facebook, displaying false information are used to tease girls or exploit them financially.

6. Misuse or illegal sale of the written literature, software, photos, videos, music, etc. of others by obtaining from the internet is called piracy.

7. Electronic media are also misused by sending derogatory messages, spreading vulgar pictures and inflammatory statements.

8. Exchange of information through media like email, Facebook and Whatsapp takes place very fast. However, our personal information and phone numbers are automatic spread to reach the unwanted persons. This leads to malpractices such as incoming of unnecessary messages. Some of such messages either impair or shut down mobiles and computers.

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