What are the after effects of too much use of modern technology and communication media?


It is seen that people who spend time with cell phones for several hours are usually unaware of the surroundings. This is also a sort of addiction and leads to endangering of social health. Meanwhile, the radiation from cell phones also causes several physical problems such as tiredness, headache, insomnia, forgetfulness, tinnitus, joint pains and problems in vision. A more serious fact is that the radiation penetrates the bones of children more effectively than the bones of adults. People continuously using computers and the internet become solitary as they are unable to establish harmonious relations with relatives and other members of the society. Habitually, they become self-centred and thereby they may develop problems like autism and selfishness. They become less sensitive towards others. Chronic effect of such a tendency is that they are not ready to help others in need and hence they also do not get help, when in need.

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