What are the main aspects of the disaster management cycle?


The main aspects of the disaster management cycle are given below:

Step 1- Preparation: Plan is prepared to minimize the destruction in any disaster, if it occurs.

Step 2- Redemption: Plan for minimizing the damage to the society and the country

Step 3- Preparedness: A plan is chalked out to get a quick response from public and administration

Step 4-Impact of disaster: Intensity of various aspects of disaster and disaster management is reviewed

Step 5-Response: Response to the disaster is to be given immediately after the incident. This factor is followed by the disaster strike in this cycle

Step 6- Resurgence: An important link between emergency measures and national progress, it is a stage used for the welfare and rehabilitation of the nation

Restoration: an important link between measures after disaster and national development, it is useful for progress of nation and rehabilitation

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