What are the ways to relieve stress?


Some people relieve their mental stress by laughing loudly. There are several other ways of expressing such as establishing communication with friends, peers, cousins, teachers and more importantly parents, noting down our feelings, expressing our feelings with near and dear ones, all of which help us to relieve stress. Fostering hobbies that include material collection, photography, reading, cooking, sculpturing, drawing, rangoli, dancing and so on also help to properly utilize the free hours. By diverting the energy and mind towards positive thinking, negative thoughts are automatically neutralized. Learning and listening to music, singing keeps us happy and drives away stress. Music has the power of changing the mindset. Importance of outdoor games is unparalleled. There are various benefits of sports like it causes physical exercise, improves discipline, interaction and tendency of unity, loneliness is driven away and people become more social.

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