What is a solenoid? Draw a neat figure, naming various components and describe the magnetic field produced by a solenoid.


Solenoid is a copper wire with a resistive coating wound in a chain of loops (like a spring). Whenever an electric current is passed via a solenoid, the magnetic lines of force are produced in a pattern. Meanwhile, the properties of the magnetic field of a solenoid is very similar to the magnetic field produced by a bar magnet. While an open end of a solenoid acts as a magnetic north pole, the other end acts as the magnetic south pole and the magnetic lines of force inside the solenoid are parallel to each other.Thus, the intensity of the magnetic field within the solenoid is uniform everywhere, i.e. the magnetic field in a solenoid is uniform.

msbshse class 10 science part 1 chapter 4 Question 2 solution

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