Write a short note on Biotechnology: Commercial uses.


Bringing about artificial genetic changes and hybridization in organisms for human welfare is called Biotechnology. Several branches of science like cytology, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetic engineering are all included in biotechnology. There is considerable progress mainly in the field of agriculture and pharmacy due to biotechnology. It is also used in some commercial purposes.

1. Crop Biotechnology is used in agricultural fields to improve yield and variety. Crop biotechnology includes hybrid seeds, genetically modified crops and bio fertilizers.

2. Animal Husbandry: Artificial insemination and embryo transfer are two main methods used in animal husbandry. It helps to improve both the quantity and quality of animal products. Ex. Milk, meat, wool, etc. Similarly, animals with more strength have been developed for hard work.

3. Human Health: Two important aspects of human health management are the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases. Biotechnology helps to identify the role of genes, if any, in the disease of a person. With biotechnology, the diagnosis of diabetes and heart diseases has become possible, even at the onset of the disease. Diagnosis of diseases like AIDS, dengue can be done within a few minutes, thus allowing for the treatment to be done at the earliest.

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