Solve the following word problems.

Solution: 2. Kantabai bought  kg tea and 5 kg sugar from a shop. She paid Rs 50 as return fare for rickshaw. Total expense was Rs 700. Then she realised that by ordering online the goods can be bought with free home delivery at the same price. So next month she placed the order online for […]

Solution:D. 1Explanation:

Choose correct alternative for each of the following question

Solution:B. 3Explanation: 2. For simultaneous equations in variables x and y, DX = 49, DY = –63, D = 7, then what is x?A. 7B. –7C. 1/7D. -1/7 Solution:A. 7Explanation: Solution:D. 1Explanation: 4. To solve x + y = 3; 3x–2y – 4 = 0 by determinant method find D.A. 5B. 1C. –5D. –1 Solution:C. -5Explanation: 5. ax + […]